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Case Results

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys

Los Angeles Superior Court
Client was charged with Assault with a deadly weapon and Mayhem charges. Case stemmed from a fight between four ladies at a dance club at 3am. Client was accused of hitting another lady with the stiletto from a high heeled shoe. The gash on victim’s forehead required 12 stitches. DA’s offer was 3 years in the state prison. Phil and Sam Israels took the case to trial. Jury deliberated and came back NOT GUILTY on all counts. Clients left courtroom with her mother arm in arm.

Van Nuys Superior Court
Attorney Philip Israels and Sam Israels client was charged with battery and child abuse in Van Nuys. She also had 4 probation violations trailing. We investigated and determined that she had a very defensible case. We tracked down witnesses who verified our client’s version of the events. On the fourth day of trial after the defense had put on their case and before the parties did closing arguments, the prosecutor asked the court to dismiss the charges. The judge declined to violate our client on the probation violations and she walked out of the court room and left the building arm in arm with her husband.

LAX Airport Courthouse
Steve Cron was hired by the family of a young man who was in custody, with a $100,000 bail, charged with felony vandalism and possession of a deadly weapon at the LAX courthouse. Since he had a strike prior, the DA offered him a sentence of 32 months in state prison. Once Steve was retained, he convinced the judge and the DA to reduce the bail to $25,000 because the client was just short of graduation from a trade school, and the client agreed to attend an anger management class and provide proof of graduation at the next court date. Since the client completed the program, graduated as promised,and paid restitution to the victim, the DA agreed to dismiss the strike allegation, and the DA and judge agreed to put him on probation and ordered him to complete 60 days of community service. If he stays out of trouble, he won't spend any more time in custody.

Los Angeles Superior Court
Steve Cron's client, who is a doctor, drove to Los Angeles from Arizona with her husband. Unexpectedly, she had to fly to Denver, and forgot that she had a loaded handgun in her suitcase. She was arrested when she attempted to board a plane at Burbank Airport. Steve Cron was able to convince the prosecutor that hers was an innocent mistake, especially since she had not planned to fly home. She was allowed to do community service in Arizona, and all charges against her were dismissed. Steve was able to resolve the case without her ever having to return to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Superior Court
Steve Cron's client was arrested and charged with carjacking. His client's parents hired Mr. Cron to represent him. Steve was advised that his client had recently been using a lot of drugs and had essentially gone off the deep end around the time of this offense. We were able to document his drug usage through anecdotes from friends and family, text messages, and investigative interviews of all of the witnesses who acknowledged that he seemed a out of it. Steve was ultimately able to convince the D.A. that Todd wasn't really intending to carjack the car, but was acting on a drug induced delusion. His client was allowed to plead guilty to the reduced charge of attempted auto theft, and was released from custody directly into a drug treatment program where he is doing well. Once he completes the 6-month live-in program he will be allowed to return to New Hampshire where his parents live, and his probation will be transferred to New Hampshire.

Burbank Superior Court
Attorney Steve Cron's client was arrested for attempting to board a plane in Los Angeles with a loaded gun in their carry-on baggage. Mr. Cron presented a strong legal defense to the prosecutor that his client made an innocent mistake. Therefore, a case settlement was achieved where his client will only be required to perform 15 days of community service, and once completed, the entire case will be dismissed.

Orange County Superior Court - Westminster Courthouse
Attorney Sam Israels represented our clients who were both charged with being drunk in public. The prosecution asked for probation with alcohol classes or diversion. We got the case dismissed for both clients saving them from having a criminal record.

Van Nuys Superior Court
Attorney Philip Israels represented client charged with domestic violence. Prosecution wanted a plea to the charge and jail time. Phil negotiated a shortened program that culminated with a dismissal protecting her record and her government regulated license in the industry in which she works.

United States District Court - Roybal Federal Court Building
Attorney Philip Israels represented a client charged with possession of a controlled substance in a national park. After Phil negotiated with the prosecution and provided them with paperwork, they dismissed the case.

Orange County Superior Court - Harbor Justice Center
Attorney Sam Israels represented our client who was charged with driving at a high rate of speed. The Prosecution was asking for a two point violation. We got the case dismissed keeping our client’s license and her low insurance rates.

Van Nuys Superior Court
Attorney Philip Israels represented a client charged with felony assault by means of force that is likely to cause great bodily injury to another as well as two misdemeanor probation violations. At the preliminary hearing, Mr. Israels manages to get the case reduced to a misdemeanor and gets the judge to indicate that they do not see this as a case that should result in jail. The case is sent to the misdemeanor prosecutor who initially suggests that that client received substantial jail time on the probation violations alone. Phil continues to negotiate the case and eventually sets it for trial. On the day of trial, the case is resolved for the much reduced charge of disturbing the peace with no jail time and no penalties on the probation violations.

Los Angeles LAX Airport Courthouse
Attorney Steve Cron was hired by a woman who had already had three different lawyers representing her on the same case. She was accused of hitting a parking lot security guard with her car. The client was adamant that she was not guilty, even though the "victim" and another security guard were both witnesses to the incident. Through investigation and discovery, we found out that the "victim" had already received over $40,000 in worker's compensation claims from this incident, and had previously filed six other worker's compensation claims. Additionally, her partner security guard had a prior felony conviction. We also found an accident reconstruction expert who disputed much of the "victim's" claims. Our investigator interviewed the "victim" on several occasions, and found numerous discrepancies in her story. The prosecutor offered us a reduced charge, but we stood our ground, and on the day the day the trial was due to commence the case was dismissed.

Van Nuys Superior Court
Steve Cron represented our client who is an attorney who was charged with domestic violence and had a prior arrest for the same thing. The prosecutors were demanding that the client serve 30 days in jail and complete a one year anger management program as part of a three year grant of probation. As a result of numerous motions filed to get access to the "victim's" prior allegations of domestic violence against our client and others, it became clear that the victim was not trustworthy or credible. As a result, all charges against our client were dismissed.

Burbank Courthouse
Attorney Philip Israels' client was charged with bribing a state official. Originally a three defendant case. At preliminary hearing our client’s case was dismissed. Other defendant and original client signed all proper waivers and we represented the other defendant until ultimately that case also was dismissed.

Norwalk Courthouse
Steve Cron represented our client who was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and it was also alleged that the assault took place during a hate crime. Two victims were allegedly beaten severely by our client and another defendant. Our investigation demonstrated that at least one of the victims was extremely intoxicated and we were able to get statements from him which were inconsistent with that of the other victim. As a result of those inconsistencies, all charges were dismissed by the District Attorney's Office.

Beverly Hills Courthouse
Attorney Philip Israels substituted in on a case in which our client was being offered state prison in a driving under the influence and causing multiple injuries matter. We kept him out of prison and jail and had him complete a program instead. He is now healthy and helping others beat their substance addictions.

Malibu Courthouse
Our client was arrested and charged with a DUI. The police reports indicated that she was standing next to the open driver's door of a vehicle with the engine on and the keys in her hand. She was extremely intoxicated. Attorney Steve Cron recommended that the client have a trial before a judge in Malibu rather than a jury trial. Our client testified that she had been in the car and that she was drunk, but had not been driving. At the conclusion of the trial, the judge found our client not guilty of all charges.

LAX Airport Courthouse
Philip Israels' client was charged with attempted murder and a gang allegation. Prosecutor was asking for state prison. We managed to get the case dismissed.

LAX Courthouse
Our client and another defendant were charged with false imprisonment and kidnapping. Both clients pleaded guilty to false imprisonment, but attorney Steve Cron was able to show that the co-defendant was far more culpable than his client. As a result, the co-defendant was sentenced to four years in state prison, and Steve's client received a probationary sentence and 70 days in a private jail.

Van Nuys Courthouse
Steve Cron represented a client who had been placed on probation for illegal possession of a firearm and had failed to do any of the court-ordered Cal Trans work by the time it was due to have been completed. Steve successfully got his client a one year extension. Several months later, the same client was arrested for domestic violence. Steve was able to combine the new charge and the probation violation with the result being that the client was re-instated on probation and did not serve any additional jail time.

Torrance Courthouse
Philip Israels tried an attempted murder in which the victim was shot in the head but testified. Jury found our client NOT GUILTY.

Torrance Courthouse
In another jury trail in Torrance, Philip Israels tried a case where his client was charged with embezzling from his employer. Jury found our client NOT GUILTY.

Hollywood Courthouse
Philip Israels' European client was charged with soliciting a female undercover officer. Jury found him NOT GUILTY.

LAX Airport Courthouse
Attorney Philip Israels client charged with Domestic Violence. Jury found him NOT GUILTY.

LAX Courthouse
Steve Cron's client had embezzled over $100,000 from her employer. As soon as she met with Steve he urged her to do everything possible to pay back her employer as soon as possible. The case was continued for several months so that the client could make full restitution, and when she did, the case was reduced to a misdemeanor and the client received a probationary sentence with no time.

Van Nuys Courthouse
Philp Israels' clients were charged with robbery of an ATM. Case dismissed. Factual finding of innocence.

West Covina Courthouse
Jury found Philip Israels' client NOT GUILTY of resisting arrest and assaulting a Police Officer.

Ventura Superior Court - Juvenile Division
Our client drove a vehicle without a license and got in a car accident which caused the death of his passenger. Steve Cron worked it out so that the client paid the victim's funeral expenses, did some community service, and ultimately received a grant of informal probationary supervision.

LAX Courthouse
Steve Cron represented our client who was charged with DUI. The evidence showed that police officers found the client passed out in her car parked in the middle of the street with the engine running, and she had a hypodermic needle in her hand. Our client was clearly under the influence, but Steve was able to convince the prosecutors that they could not prove that the client had injected drugs before she drove to the location. As a result, she was allowed to plead to drunk in public, and the driving charges were all dismissed.

Malibu Courthouse
Philip Israels' client charged with driving under the influence. Jury found him NOT GUITY.

Pomona Courthouse
Philip Israels' client was charged four counts of child molestation. Jury finds the defendant NOT GUILTY on all counts.

Downey Courthouse
Philip Israels' client charged with Assault with a deadly weapon, battery and violation of a restraining order. Prosecutor wanted jail time. We got him a 415 with no jail.

Newport Beach Courthouse
Philip Israels' client charged in with two drug cases, a misdemeanor possession case and a felony possession of Heroin case. Prosecutor wanted prison. We got him into an out of state program which the court accepted and the matter was ultimately dismissed.

Downtown Criminal Courts Building
Philip Israels' client charged with burglary and grand theft where the department store had video and had warned the defendant several times. Prosecutors wanted 90 days jail time. We were able to negotiate a reduction to petty theft with no jail time.

LAX Airport Courthouse
Client was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, resulting from a bar fight in Santa Monica. Steve Cron worked out a civil compromise with the victim where our client paid the victim for his injuries and the case was dismissed by the judge in spite of the prosecutor's vehement objection.

LAX Airport Courthouse
Philip Israels' client charged with driving under the influence (DUI) on a breath test. We were able to get an infraction and have the misdemeanor charges dismissed.

Long Beach Courthouse
Philip Israels' juvenile client charged with residential burglary. Prosecutor wanted juvenile hall. We got probation with a chance for complete dismissal if client completes probation.

Van Nuys Courthouse
Philip Israels' client had multiple driving violations (in excess of 5), a warrant for misdemeanor reckless driving charge and a misdemeanor driving on a suspended license. We helped him stay out of jail and get his license back.

Pasadena Courthouse
Philip Israels' client charged with bribery of a public official. We managed to get that case dismissed along with a companion misdemeanor case through a civil compromise.

LAX Airport Courthouse
Steve Cron represented this client who was charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol, which if convicted, would result in the loss of his driver's license for one year. Additionally, client had a fake ID and had possession of 2 cases of beer when arrested. Steve worked out a settlement where the client did 20 hours of community service and the case was dismissed.

Beverly Hills Courthouse
Steve Cron represented this client who was charged with possession of dangerous drugs and evading arrest. The deputy sheriff wrote in his report that he called out to the client to stop because he suspected him of being under the influence of drugs. He said that the client ran away, so the deputy chased him and used physical force to subdue him, after which he found illegal drugs in the client's pants pocket. The client said that the deputy called him a derogatory name about his sexual orientation, then chased him and beat him up for no reason. He denied possessing any drugs. We did extensive discovery of the deputy's personnel records and found numerous people who had complained about him. We even found a judge who had dismissed several cases involving that deputy because the judge didn't believe his testimony. Ultimately, the client did a 12 hour anger management program, and the case was dismissed.

LAX Airport Court
Philip Israels' client on two separate probations at LAX Court and Beverly Hills Court and picks up a driving under the influence at Metro Court with a breath test of .16/.16, we manage to get a first time offer with no jail and the minimum fine.

Los Angeles Metro Courthouse
Philip Israels' client under 21 is on probation for a driving under the influence (DUI). Client gets picked up for a driving on a suspended license. Prosecutor wants jail on the new case and the probation violation. We get client a driving without a license with no jail.

San Fernando Courthouse
Philip Israels' client charged with driving under the influence with breath test reading of .08/.09. We get a dry reckless charge.

Torrance Courthouse
This client was on probation for shoplifting, and had been arrested twice over a short period of time for additional cases of shoplifting. As a result, she was facing felony and misdemeanor counts of shoplifting, in addition to a probation violation. All of the cases were joined together, and the client was ordered to do some community service and complete a program for serial shoplifters, and has not spent any time in custody.

LAX Airport Courthouse
Our client was charged with assault on a public official because she allegedly struck and pushed down the stairs a utility worker who was checking meters at the client's apartment building. The client alleged self-defense. After a jury trial conducted by Steve Cron, the jury unanimously found our client not guilty of all charges.

Downtown Criminal Courts Building
Philip Israels' client charged with battery on school grounds and child annoyance which carries a lifetime registration component. We get the client a plea to simple battery and the child annoyance charge is dropped along with the registration requirement.

Van Nuys Courthouse
Philip Israels' client is charged with multiple counts of Criminal Threats, multiple counts of Violation of a restraining order, and a violation of a criminal protective order. We work with the prosecutor and get the client a plea to disturbing the peace and no jail.

Los Angeles Downtown Federal Court
In a federal armed bank robbery case, the government offered the defendant a 40 year sentence if he were to plead guilty. The defendant and his lawyer, Steve Cron, told the prosecutors to pound sand. At trial, the prosecution presented surveillance photographs from within the bank of the actual robbery, as well as the eyewitness testimony of three bank tellers. By pointing out discrepancies in the testimony, and evidence of coaching by the FBI agent, Steve was able to create enough reasonable doubt to get a hung jury. Convinced that the hung jury was a fluke, the government refused to make any better offers to settle the case, so there was a second trial. The second trial revealed more discrepancies and attempts by witnesses to clean up clean up mistakes from the first trial. After the second trial, the defendant was found not guilty. One of those surveillance photos still hangs in Steve Cron's office.

LAX Airport Courthouse
Philip Israels' client arrested at the airport with possession of marijuana. We work with the prosecution. End result is that case is not filed. Arrest is made a detention only.

Van Nuys Courthouse
Philip Israels' client charged with assault and battery upon his employee after employee alleges that client intentionally threw scalding hot water from the microwave on him resulting in 1st and 2nd degree burns. Case had tremendous potential civil consequences as the employee was asking for hundred of thousands of dollars in damages. We ultimately got the case dismissed on the last day prior to trial.

Los Angeles Downtown Federal Court
In a federal drug prosecution, two women were arrested at LAX, each with a suitcase full of heroin. Steve Cron's client testified at trial that she had purchased the suitcase in Thailand and had packed the suitcases with their own clothes before leaving for the United States. She denied knowing there was any heroin in the suitcase, and surmised that someone had stuffed it with heroin when she wasn't looking. Steve's client was found not guilty, and the co-defendant was found guilty.

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