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Our firm has extensive experience in all types of criminal charges. Click here to watch our videos Fighting drug charges and how we can help you.

Los Angeles Juvenile Dependency Proceedings Lawyer

What are Dependency Proceeding?

In California when a child is considered at risk, the Department of Children and Family Services files a petition with the Juvenile Dependency Court. This then allows them to be able to intervene in the child's life, ultimately for their safety and well being. All jurisdictions in situations like this are made by a judge only. The child in the majority of cases is removed from their home until a full investigation can be done to verify any allegations made regarding any abuse to the child. If your child has been taken away you must contact a juvenile criminal lawyer to be your advocate during this stressful time.

There are three aspects of dependency proceedings that the parent(s) should know and understand.

  • Firstly, where will your child be placed during this time?
  • Secondly, and extremely important, are the charges against you true?
  • Thirdly, how can you regain the custody of my child?

At the firm of Cron, Israels & Stark our attorneys will assist you in understanding these proceedings and help you make the right decisions concerning the alleged charges against you. Call and make an appointment today to immediately start negotiations on your behalf.

Safeguarding Your Rights in Los Angeles

Our firm is dedicated and geared towards keeping young people out of the court system and working with the family to resolve any problems. The attorneys at Cron, Israels & Stark will work tirelessly to assist you in regaining custody of your child or children. They are also committed to providing expert legal defense against the neglect or abuse charges that may be related to your situation. Know that you will be in good hands with the trusted and competent attorneys at our law office.

Has your child been apprehended and removed from your home? Call the attorneys at Cron, Israels & Stark to provide the proof you need to regain custody.

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