False Imprisonment Laws in California – Penal Code 236-237

What is False Imprisonment in California? The crime of “false imprisonment” is described under California Penal Code Section 236. Criminal charges of false imprisonment could be filed against you if you unlawfully deprive another person of their personal liberty. In other words, if you intentionally detain someone and not allow... View Article

Arranging a Meeting with a Minor Law in California – PC 288.4

What is Arranging a Meeting with Minor for Lewd Purposes in California? The internet provides people with a method of communicating anonymously and chat rooms are a frequent target of undercover police stings looking for unlawful sexual behavior. Specifically, police often set up operations to locate and apprehend men who... View Article

Did Police Violate Your Rights During a Traffic Stop?

Police can’t pull you over on a traffic stop without probable cause. In other words, they must have a valid reason to pull you over in the first place or it’s an illegal stop. For example, typical reasons used by police to pull you over for driving under the influence... View Article

Can You Challenge DUI Breathalyzer Results in Los Angeles?

Under California Vehicle Code 23152, it’s unlawful to drive under the influence of alcohol. A driver with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or higher is considered to be driving under the influence. A DUI conviction can carry harsh legal penalties, including fines, probation, community service, the loss of your ... View Article