Not Guilty in Assault with Deadly Weapon and Mayhem

Client was charged with Assault with a deadly weapon and Mayhem charges. Case stemmed from a fight between four ladies at a dance club at 3am. Client was accused of hitting another lady with the stiletto from a high heeled shoe. The gash on victim’s forehead required 12 stitches. DA’s offer was 3 years in the state prison. Phil and Sam Israels took the case to trial. Jury deliberated and came back NOT GUILTY on all counts. Clients left courtroom with her mother arm in arm.

Battery and Child Abuse Case Dismissed

Attorney Philip Israels and Sam Israels client was charged with battery and child abuse in Van Nuys. She also had 4 probation violations trailing. We investigated and determined that she had a very defensible case. We tracked down witnesses who verified our client’s version of the events. On the fourth day of trial after the defense had put on their case and before the parties did closing arguments, the prosecutor asked the court to dismiss the charges. The judge declined to violate our client on the probation violations and she walked out of the court room and left the building arm in arm with her husband.

Probation on Vandalism and Assault with Deadly Weapon

Steve Cron was hired by the family of a young man who was in custody, with a $100,000 bail, charged with felony vandalism and possession of a deadly weapon at the LAX courthouse. Since he had a strike prior, the DA offered him a sentence of 32 months in state prison. Once Steve was retained, he convinced the judge and the DA to reduce the bail to $25,000 because the client was just short of graduation from a trade school, and the client agreed to attend an anger management class and provide proof of graduation at the next court date. Since the client completed the program, graduated as promised,and paid restitution to the victim, the DA agreed to dismiss the strike allegation, and the DA and judge agreed to put him on probation and ordered him to complete 60 days of community service. If he stays out of trouble, he won’t spend any more time in custody.

Case Dismissed in Loaded Gun at Airport

Steve Cron’s client, who is a doctor, drove to Los Angeles from Arizona with her husband. Unexpectedly, she had to fly to Denver, and forgot that she had a loaded handgun in her suitcase. She was arrested when she attempted to board a plane at Burbank Airport. Steve Cron was able to convince the prosecutor that hers was an innocent mistake, especially since she had not planned to fly home. She was allowed to do community service in Arizona, and all charges against her were dismissed. Steve was able to resolve the case without her ever having to return to Los Angeles.

Carjacking Reduced to Attempted Auto Theft

Steve Cron’s client was arrested and charged with carjacking. His client’s parents hired Mr. Cron to represent him. Steve was advised that his client had recently been using a lot of drugs and had essentially gone off the deep end around the time of this offense. We were able to document his drug usage through anecdotes from friends and family, text messages, and investigative interviews of all of the witnesses who acknowledged that he seemed a out of it. Steve was ultimately able to convince the D.A. that Todd wasn’t really intending to carjack the car, but was acting on a drug induced delusion. His client was allowed to plead guilty to the reduced charge of attempted auto theft, and was released from custody directly into a drug treatment program where he is doing well. Once he completes the 6-month live-in program he will be allowed to return to New Hampshire where his parents live, and his probation will be transferred to New Hampshire.

Community Service in Attempting to Board Plane with Loaded Gun

Attorney Steve Cron’s client was arrested for attempting to board a plane in Los Angeles with a loaded gun in their carry-on baggage. Mr. Cron presented a strong legal defense to the prosecutor that his client made an innocent mistake. Therefore, a case settlement was achieved where his client will only be required to perform 15 days of community service, and once completed, the entire case will be dismissed.

Drunk in Public Case Dismissed

Attorney Sam Israels represented our clients who were both charged with being drunk in public. The prosecution asked for probation with alcohol classes or diversion. We got the case dismissed for both clients saving them from having a criminal record.

Dismissal in Domestic Violence Case

Attorney Philip Israels represented client charged with domestic violence. Prosecution wanted a plea to the charge and jail time. Phil negotiated a shortened program that culminated with a dismissal protecting her record and her government regulated license in the industry in which she works.

Case Dismissed in Possession of Controlled Substance

Attorney Philip Israels represented a client charged with possession of a controlled substance in a national park. After Phil negotiated with the prosecution and provided them with paperwork, they dismissed the case.

Case Dismissed in Driving at High Rate of Speed

Attorney Sam Israels represented our client who was charged with driving at a high rate of speed. The Prosecution was asking for a two point violation. We got the case dismissed keeping our client’s license and her low insurance rates.