What Are the Sexting Laws in California?

Sexting is normally described as exchanging sexually explicit pictures using a mobile device, but also includes stalking and harassment. When one of the people involved in the sexting is a minor, then it could lead to criminal charges. It should be noted, however, California doesn’t have specific statutes covering sexting... View Article

Plea Bargains in California Criminal Cases

Our Los Angeles criminal defense law firm is frequently asked by defendants whether they should accept a plea bargain that was offered by the prosecutor.  The correct response to this question is that it’s rarely a simple answer because it will always depend on a wide range of different factors.... View Article

Defenses for California Internet Sex Crime Charges

The internet enables anyone to communicate with others with anonymity. Many use various websites, chat rooms, and even social media to view sexually explicit material and attempt to locate a sexual partner. Obviously, this type of behavior is legal when it involves consenting adults, but some many types of sexual... View Article

Former UCLA Campus Gynecologist Arrested for Sexual Battery

A former UCLA physician has been charged with sexual battery, which is the latest incident in a series of sexual related cases where trusted medical professionals have been accused of preying on college students. He surrendered to police and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office requested his bail to be... View Article

Arranging a Meeting with a Minor Law in California – PC 288.4

What is Arranging a Meeting with Minor for Lewd Purposes in California? The internet provides people with a method of communicating anonymously and chat rooms are a frequent target of undercover police stings looking for unlawful sexual behavior. Specifically, police often set up operations to locate and apprehend men who... View Article

Man Indicted for Trading Child Pornography Images Through Internet

A United States Attorney announced that a federal grand jury returned an indictment charging a California man with two counts of receiving and sharing child pornography images over the Internet. After the federal indictment was unsealed, The defendant was arraigned in a federal courtroom. The court documents showed that between... View Article