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Sobriety checkpoints and stops by police officers are allowable by law providing that the checkpoints and stops are done in alignment with strict guidelines. For sobriety checkpoints:

  • Public must be given notice of the checkpoint
  • There must be a turnout prior to the checkpoint so that people who do not want to proceed through it have the option to turn around. These people cannot be pulled over based solely on their decision to not proceed through the checkpoint
  • There must be a random, impartial formula for stopping cars (such as every 4th or 5th car)
  • Safety conditions must be monitored at the checkpoint
  • The length and nature of the detention must not be obtrusive to the public
  • The location must be reasonable, as well as the time and day they are conducted

In order for an officer to pull you over for DUI there must be “reasonable suspicion” that you are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol requires it. That “reasonable suspicion” would be in the form or erratic driving, speeding or some other violation.

You should know that the above points regarding checkpoints and being pulled over by an officer are the first points that an experienced DUI defense lawyer from Cron, Israels & Stark will question and investigate regarding your DUI arrest.

A thorough investigation will reveal where there might be violations of the regulations in how the sobriety checkpoints were done or whether you were in fact pulled over and stopped illegally. These violations can be utilized in your defense of the charges and in some instances the charges may be dropped altogether.

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