Criminal Lawyers for Federal Weapons Violations

Being charged with a federal weapons offense should be taken very seriously as it can be a life altering situation that can be difficult to recover from. Your first action if you are charged with such a crime is to contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney that has experience and success in dealing with this type of crime. Depending on the situation, you could also be facing federal charges, so having adequate representation is vital. Our firm is accomplished in handling weapons cases such as:

  • Possession of a firearm without a permit
  • Assault weapons
  • Concealed firearms
  • Felons in possession of a firearm
  • Illegal sales
  • Possession near school grounds
  • Probation violations

Law enforcement officials can be uncompromising when it comes to a weapons investigation. The practiced criminal defense lawyer that you will be working with at Cron, Israels & Stark will begin your defense by examining all aspects of the investigation being done by the prosecution to ensure your constitutional rights are not being violated and acting assertively if it is found that were.

Enlist Dedicated Federal Defense in Los Angeles

Being charged with a weapons offense can not only be devastating to your immediate life, it can also bring significant problems to your future in terms of being able to obtain a job. These charges should be aggressively challenged to produce the most favorable outcome that can be attained regarding the circumstances surrounding your case.

Our experience gives us knowledge, insight and resources that can be used in the defense of your case. One aspect of our examination of your case will revolve around discovering potential weaknesses in the prosecution’s case that could then be employed to your benefit. Mitigating circumstances such as self-defense will also be examined and addressed. We will also make the most of our skills in negotiation to get your charges reduced and will not hesitate to move forward with a trial if necessary. Contact us to review your case.