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Blood and Breath Tests

Must I Submit To A Blood Or Breath Test?

When you are pulled over by a law enforcement office and investigated for a possible DUI violation one of the things you will encounter will be a blood or breath test. It is vital that you consult with a qualified DUI attorney regarding the outcome of any administered test.

California has a law called the "implied consent" law, which states that if you are licensed to drive a vehicle on the road, you have consented to chemical testing of your blood or breath if you are arrested for DUI or DWI.

The first test you will be confronted with if suspected of driving under the influence is called the PAS or Preliminary Alcohol Screening test. This is a test the officer will administer on site with a hand held machine to determine if an arrest and further testing is warranted.

Once a person is arrested for DUI/DWI they will be taken into custody and either a breath or blood test will be administered in order to provide evidence of the DUI to be used against you. If you refuse to take the breath or blood test you will lose your license for a year, even if the test turns out to be negative.

Arguments can be made regarding your blood or breath tests. Blood tests can be done inaccurately or by unqualified personnel, the blood handled improperly, contaminating the sample and the protocols not followed precisely.

Breath tests can also be administered incorrectly; the equipment faulty or not calibrated correctly and there may be a physical or medical condition that would result in a false reading.

Speak with a competent DUI defense lawyer at Cron, Israels & Stark. We know how to challenge DUI tests and in some cases we can help you get the charges reduced or dropped altogether.

We have a  combined legal experience of over 100 years. What that experience means to you is a thorough investigation of blood and breath tests, to aggressively challenge them and get you the best outcome possible when facing DUI charges in the Los Angeles area.

We offer a free initial consultation, personal service and ready availability when you need us. Contact us to review the facts surrounding your case examined if you have been arrested for DUI and received a blood or breath test as part of your arrest.

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