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Same Sex Domestic Violence

Same Sex Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence situations can take place between domestic partners, family members or cohabitants and that includes heterosexuals and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) couples and families.

The courts treat these cases differently and often arrests occur when officers arrive and attempt to deal with a domestic disturbance. The defense firm of Cron, Israels & Stark have combined over 80 years of legal experience helping clients in criminal cases, including domestic violence cases.

We are experienced litigators and have the knowledge and resources to handle all types of cases, including high profile defendants that need the highest level of discretion. Anyone arrested for a same sex domestic violence offense or other type of domestic violence alleged crime needs high quality defense counsel.

Our firm is dedicated to helping clients achieve the best possible case results. We are sensitive to the problems and issues involved in same sex partners and domestic living situations where there is a potentially dangerous relationship.

About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence between family members, cohabitants, spouses, and domestic partners can be of a physical, sexual or emotional nature and can include:

  • Abusive or unwanted sexual contact
  • Sexual abuse toward children in the household
  • Incest
  • intimidation
  • Harassing phone calls, stalking, vandalism
  • Infliction of minor or serious injuries or death
  • Sexual assault on spouse/domestic partner

Prosecution of Domestic Violence

The laws in California are strict in the area of domestic violence, and any person facing this serious type of charge needs a defense attorney directly following an arrest. The accused person will likely face criminal charges even if there was no intent to harm.

The victim of spousal abuse, domestic partner abuse, child abuse, or child endangerment cannot recant and decide against pressing charges, this decision is the prosecutor's.

The victim becomes a prosecution witness. Domestic violence cases receive special attention from the State of California and particularly in Los Angeles. The District Attorney aggressively investigates and prosecutes domestic violence cases and the prosecution makes the decisions on pursuing a case or dismissing it. The prosecution is often reluctant to dismiss.

A false imprisonment charge can be filed against you in a situation where you unlawfully deprive someone of their personal liberty. This essentially means intentionally detaining another person without a legal right to do so, and they aren't allowed to leave when they want to.

That is why it is vital to have the immediate legal guidance and counsel from a skilled criminal defense attorney at once, and at each step of the process.

Domestic Violence Penalties

The prosecution takes into consideration factors such as the severity of injuries to the victim and the criminal history of the alleged abuser. If there is history of domestic violence or abuse, the prosecution may choose to file felony charges.

If the defendant used a weapon and caused serious injuries then the prosecutor will certainly pursue a felony charge. The defendant may face misdemeanor charges if the victim was slightly injured or uninjured. A jail sentence is likely in a conviction for a misdemeanor or felony domestic violence; the difference is that one will spend time in a county jail whereas the other will be in a state prison, as follows:

  • Misdemeanor: Maximum 1 year county jail; fines; community service/labor; counseling/anger management; 10 years firearms restriction; restraining/protective orders
  • Felony: Maximum 2-4 years state prison; fines; community service/Caltrans; counseling; lifetime firearms restriction; restraining/protective orders

A non-citizen of the United States may face deportation or removal and lose his or her immigration status due to of the serious criminal offense. If you or a loved one is in the U.S. on a work visa, attending school, or involved in family immigration issues, you should seek legal advice promptly.

Protect Your Rights

We have a vast amount of experience in criminal defense and in helping clients in domestic violence and same sex domestic violence cases. You need an attorney by your side for legal support and the protection of your rights. You may be innocent of the charges, but do not assume that the prosecution will dismiss your case. If you were involved in a domestic violence occurrence, we will fight for your rights and any alternative to jail time and a conviction when possible.

Call our firm for help with a same sex domestic violence case.

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