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Criminal Attorneys for State or Federal Drug Conspiracy Arrest

Under California Penal Code 182 PC, conspiracy is defined as an agreement of two or more people to commit a crime, or to accomplish a legal end through illegal methods. Drug conspiracy would be the agreement of two or more people to make, sell, and/or distribute drugs.

Criminal Courts  have recognized that drug crimes where several people are involved in the planning and execution are harder to prosecute than random criminal acts. As a result, PC 182 PC makes it illegal to be involved in a criminal conspiracy. A drug conspiracy is a serious felony offense that carries harsh legal consequences if convicted.

Conspiracy is a separate offense from the initial illegal act, which in this case would be the manufacturing/growing, selling, or distributing drugs. In conspiracy, it is not necessary to prove that the offender was present and active at every stage of the illegal activity, or knew all of the details of the act.

It is enough to prove that there was a voluntary agreement to participate or an intention to further the plan, in whatever capacity. A person may only have played a small part and still be liable of being convicted on the conspiracy charge.

One of the issues that arise in a conspiracy trial is that the court often tries all the defendants involved together. This can lead to confusions and complications as finger-pointing and dispute of testimony can occur between the defendants and their respective lawyers.

An experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney can make a motion to have a separate trial for their client to avoid the above undesired ramifications of a joint trial.

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Seeking Best Possible Result 

Drug Conspiracy cases have the capability of throwing many complex legal issues into the equation. It is important, if you are facing conspiracy charges, that you have an attorney with the know-how and experience to navigate the legal murky waters common to such cases, and bring it to its most favorable possible result.

Because you may face harsh penalties if convicted, having the resources of the skilled attorneys at Cron, Israels & Stark is a must. Contact our office to schedule a confidential consultation.

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