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Methamphetamine and “crystal meth”, is a huge growing problem in California. State lawmakers have reacted by passing a wave of legislation to enact harsher penalties. Recently, police have been aggressively pursuing people engaged in crimes related to crystal meth manufacturing and sales.

Methamphetamine drug crime cases that involve criminal offenses such as manufacturing, distribution, trafficking and possession with intent to distribute, are normally prosecuted as felony drug crimes.

The amount of methamphetamine possessed is a major factor used by prosecutors in determining the severity of the drug charges.

Any conviction in a methamphetamine drug case can result in serious penalties that could effect your life for many years.

This includes long prison sentences in a California state prison and large fines. Drug crime enhancements such as the involvement of juveniles, distribution of methamphetamine near a school, or use of weapons will usually result in even harsher sentencing.

If you have been accused of certain California drug crimes, it might be possible to avoid a jail or prison sentence through a drug diversion program, commonly known as deferred entry of judgment.

Common Methamphetamine Charges

There are different levels of methamphetamine possession under California Heath and Safety Code 11377. 

Simple possession of meth is a felony drug crime charge reserved for small amounts of methamphetamine, which is considered a Schedule II narcotic. Methamphetamine possession comes with limited sentencing options, including confinement for not more than one year in a county jail or state prison.

If this is your first drug crime conviction, you are unlikely to serve any jail time. Simple possession of methamphetamine is the most lenient charge you can reduce to.

If you are facing drug crime charges for methamphetamine possession for sale, your criminal matter becomes more serious. The amount of methamphetamine matters greatly in these type of drug offenses.

However, there is an important element required in these type of charges. The police and the prosecutors must prove your intent to sell the drugs, which can be difficult in some cases. if you are convicted for methamphetamine possession for sale, you could be facing up to three years in state prison.

Methamphetamine manufacturing is a serious drug offense in California. Due to a resurgence of meth addiction, state legislators have cracked down as a result.

Meth Manufacturing is defined under California law in broad terms, including the criminalization of pseudoephedrine with intent to manufacture methamphetamine. This means that the police are now paying attention to the ingredients of methamphetamine, and not just the drug itself.

Penalties for possession of meth chemicals can range from three to seven years in state prison and fines all the way up to $50,000.

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