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Facing Extradition in Los Angeles?

In the State of California extradition involves an individual who is an apparent escapee wanted for crimes he or she may have committed in another State. The term extradition means the process by which a state or country sends a suspected criminal back to face the charges or to serve the sentence that may have already been laid down by the courts.

California has laws in place to protect an individual on the chance that the actual warrant for extradition may not be valid and a grave injustice could occur. The whole arena of extraditions can be quite overwhelming for anyone to deal with, so if you are facing an extradition charge you must contact a Los Angeles criminal attorney without any delay, it is essential in order to protect your rights and freedoms.

The attorneys at Cron, Israels & Stark are very knowledgeable in this area and will pursue any number of defenses in order to have your extradition case dismissed or resolved to your benefit.

Our firm offers an initial no-cost consultation where all circumstances relating to your case are reviewed and evaluated. There may be documents that are not valid, or insufficient, vague and incorrect proof of your identity, that are essential for any extradition to take place that can work to your advantage, so call us today.

Protect Your Rights 

When facing extradition it can be a frightening proposition, as after being arrested by the warrant, you could end up sitting in jail for a period of one to three months, just waiting for all the paper work to be completed. This adversely will affect your life, your job and your family. It's important to understand the difference between a California arrest warrant and a search warrant.

To help you during this difficult time, you need the experience, know-how and skill of an attorney who deals with extradition charges.

Our firm can assist you with any dealings with the prosecutor involved in handling the extradition.

As well, our staff will work at resolving the issue with the other state as quickly as possible and help you avoid being in custody or spending unnecessary time in jail. 

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