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Heroin Possession Law - Health and Safety Code 11350

If you have been arrested for any type of drug crime involving heroin, you could be facing severe consequences if you are convicted.

If your heroin arrest is being prosecuted as a federal drug crime, you are facing even more serious penalties that includes a lengthy prison sentence due to the mandatory minimum sentences called for by the United States Congress.

If a heroin charge is being held in a federal court, this usually means that large quantities of the drug were involved.

Possession of heroin between one hundred grams and one kilogram of any substance that contains a detectable amount of heroin with intent to distribute, distribution of that amount, or manufacturing has mandatory minimum sentence of five years in a federal prison.

For cases that involve over one kilogram of heroin, the mandatory minimum sentence is ten years. Furthermore, if you have any prior felony drug convictions, even if the drug crime conviction if only simple possession, then prison sentences are even more severe.

If you have been accused of certain California drug crimes, it might be possible to avoid a jail or prison sentence through a drug diversion program, commonly known as deferred entry of judgment.

Fighting Your Heroin Charges

Heroin is considered one of the most dangerous illegal drugs in use today. This is due to the physical and psychological harm it can inflict on the user, and its potential for a severe drug addiction.

Therefore, the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office takes heroin cases very seriously and will aggressively pursue a drug crime conviction.

Even worse is the prosecution of a heroin case by the federal government. You could be charged with a federal drug crimes case for possession of heroin with intent to distribute, distribution of heroin, conspiracy to distribute heroin or heroin importation.

Each of these serious drug crime charges carries potential penalties that could adversely impact the rest of your life.

At the Law Offices of Cron, Israels & Stark, we have successfully defended our clients who have been accused of any type of state or federal criminal drug charges that involve heroin for decades. Even Though our office is located in Los Angeles, we defend clients in the state of California and throughout the United States.

When you retain our Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, we will thoroughly prepare and investigate your drug crime case and will defend your rights in a court of law. Further, you might be eligible for a drug court.

We will protect your Constitutional rights against illegal searches and seizures and other questionable techniques that local police and federal agencies may use to obtain evidence against you.

Therefore, if you are currently under investigation, or have already been arrested for a drug crime that involves heroin, contact us to get the legal defense you will need. We offer a free case evaluation to discuss for heroin charges and are available to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

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