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Federal RICO Racketeering Defense Lawyers

RICO stands for Racketeering Influenced And Corrupt Organizations Act and is applied to a wide range of business dealings that are deemed dishonest and fraudulent. Although initially developed to combat organized crime, it has been applied to investigate many white-collar offenses.

RICO investigations are done by federal prosecutors and investigators and an individual or company can undergo a very lengthy investigation. It is crucial that you hire a skilled and practiced Los Angeles criminal attorney who has experience with these types of investigations.

There can be much disruption of daily life and business operations. Prosecutors will investigate witnesses, financial records, accounting reports, company files, computer activity, and will pursue whatever avenue is deemed part of their investigation process.

Once a practiced criminal defense lawyer with Cron, Israels & Stark completes their initial consultation, we will begin to assert and protect your rights throughout the investigation.

Understanding Your Federal Charges

Because racketeering charges can be vague in some cases, it is vital to have knowledge and experience at the forefront to ensure that investigators and prosecutors are not taking advantage and your rights are being protected. Prosecutors will be unyielding at their attempts to convict. You need a defense firm in your corner to act as your advocate during this process.

Under some circumstances, prosecutors will attempt to reach out to involved parties and witnesses in order to broaden their investigation and possibly obtain plea bargains. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and have the ability to deal with such situations while maintaining your best interests.

Knowing the system entails understanding of how investigations are going to be carried out, whether they are being done by state or federal organizations.

A RICO investigation can be a frightening and confusing set of circumstances. Having someone who can examine the facts, look for ways to defend charges and deal with investigators is crucial to your future business operations and livelihood.

Get help from competent attorneys at Cron, Israels & Stark if you are being investigated for any offenses under the RICO Act.

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