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Crimes at School

Defense Lawyer for Juvenile Crimes at School

As parents, having your child arrested for any criminal offense can be distressing and overwhelming, knowing the profound consequences it can have on their future endeavors.

However, in today's world when the crime your son or daughter is accused of committing has happened at school, it has now become a very serious offense. Offenses can range from vandalism, assault and theft.

But with the high profile in the media of bullying, both physical and emotional, that has apparently resulted in another young person taking their own life, it is essential to consult with a juvenile criminal lawyer without delay to safeguard and protect your child's rights.

Crimes that have been committed at school carry the same serious penalties as crimes carried out in other vicinities. School crimes, on the other hand, are aggressively prosecuted in the State of California because of the apparent risk and danger to other children.

Ensuring your child has the legal representation they need if charged with a crime at school is crucial. 

Search & Seizure At School

Our firm, Cron, Israels & Stark, has extensive know-how and expertise in fighting unlawful school searches. It is a distressing situation that any searches and seizures on school premises tend to favor not the individual, but the government.

This allows them to justify searching your son or daughters lockers, backpacks or even the young person without having proven any allegations of a crime being committed. Since a simple unfounded accusation from another student can result in such actions, it is imperative you call our office immediately for a consultation.

Your child's future is on the line and the attorneys at our firm know how to deal with the unconstitutional aspects of any school searches or unfounded accusations.

When your child has been accused of committing a crime at school, Contact us who will do what it takes to give you & your child indispensable legal representation.

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