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Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile Crime Lawyer in Los Angeles

When considering the criminal system, there is one main goal that is considered to be at the forefront of every piece of legislation and every action taken by law enforcement: promoting public safety. When considering juvenile crimes, however, this umbrella purpose dovetails into another.

Juvenile courts are not only addressing the public safety and the punishment of the convicted – they are, instead, also focusing their attention on the rehabilitation and treatment of the accused.

To achieve this ultimate goal, the California juvenile justice system utilizes several methods and procedures that it believes will help it.

This can include everything from treatment to incarceration. Other methods that are commonly utilized (severity escalating in accordance with the crime itself and the prior criminal history of the defendant) include the following:

  • Probation (informal and formal);
  • Community supervision; and
  • Detention and incarceration

This therefore involves agencies, schools and both local and national organizations in the effort to treat juvenile offenders so that they do not end up incarcerated.

Studies have proven that those who are successfully treated will be less likely to repeat offend and courts typically favor these types of outcomes should it be proven that the juvenile in question has a clear desire to participate in achieving these changes.

Juvenile Drug Possession in California

Criminal charges of any type are difficult to cope with, so with a drug possession or sale accusation, it is extremely important to have a qualified legal team you have confidence in on your side to protect your rights and freedoms.

A juvenile crimes defense lawyer serving the area of Los Angeles has the number one goal to defend you against any and all charges with demonstrated and successful defense procedures. At Cron, Israels & Stark we represent juveniles charged with possession & sale of the following:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Ecstasy

Since in many cases a juvenile drug charge may be their first contact with the criminal justice system, it is important to make sure you have the legal representation you need. A drug conviction can be a serious first experience as the consequences can affect an individual throughout their life.

If your minor child has been charged with a drug-related crime, our attorneys can advise you on what steps to take prior to trial or a sentencing hearing.

If the young adult can show to the judge that he or she is willing and has demonstrated a clear desire to get help, most prosecutors and judges are more inclined to reduce the charges.

This can have a long term impact on your life to the benefit of you and your family, since juvenile drug offenders can face penalties that are often just as harsh as those for adult offenders.

What Constitutes A Juvenile Sex Crime?

A criminal offense committed by a minor of a sexual nature is simply called a juvenile sex crime. However, the seriousness or type of sex crime results in various penalties that can be wide ranging in the negative effects on a young person's future.

Some of the most common categories that juvenile sex crimes come under are:

  • Rape
  • Date Rape
  • Molesting a child
  • Lewd conduct and behavior
  • Possession/distribution of obscene material

In this day and age it seems that more and more young people are being charged with sex crimes. With the proliferation of graphic movies, books and music, plus society's permissive attitude, along with a zero-tolerance regarding sex offenses, our kids are certainly getting a mixed message.

If your child has been accused of a juvenile sex crime, contact a juvenile crime attorney today. You and your family need the kind of competence and know-how our firm can provide in order to protect your child from the possible negative lifetime consequences, such as sex offender registration. 

Allegations of committing a juvenile sex crime are difficult and distressing to deal with at any time. We  can help protect your child's rights and freedoms.

If convicted, your child may have to register as a sex offender, commit to psychological evaluations, and jail sentences ranging from just a few months to years can be imposed.

Has Your Child Been Criminally Charged?

If your child has been arrested, no matter whether it was for possession of alcohol, driving on a suspended license, joyriding, fake ID, or for something such as a under 21 DUI or drug possession, it is highly encouraged that you get the legal assistance of a knowledgeable juvenile crime lawyer.

By getting the involvement of an experienced attorney, steps will be able to made to work towards getting penalties dismissed and rehabilitation favored over punishment.

It is important to remember that while juveniles are typically tried in juvenile court, this is not always the case. The prosecuting attorney could determine that their crime was severe enough that they should not be adjudicated as a juvenile and should be placed within an adult court – where the penalties will undoubtedly be much more severe.

You therefore need an experienced advocate to help prove your case and protect the best interests of your child.

Appealing a Juvenile Crime Conviction 

In the United States, prior to 1967 juveniles were not granted several of the legal rights or privileges given to adults when charged with a crime.

A landmark case in 1967, In re Gault, changed all that forever, granting juveniles many of the same due process of law rights afforded to adults.

Therefore, once a juvenile is convicted, there is a chance for them to appeal the decision using the proper court proceedings.

If your child has been convicted of a juvenile crime and is confused and frightened about their rights, they need to contact a juvenile crime defense lawyer in the Los Angeles area without delay.

Your child has the right to submit an application to the Juvenile Court requesting a rehearing of his or her situation if it is done absolutely no later than 10 days after the written copy was mailed regarding the decision previously made. If this application is rejected by a judge, you still have the right to appeal.

In appealing the findings of any court decision, you must clearly define what it is you want to occur. Do you want the entire decision thrown out, or are you just appealing a portion of it?

With a Notice of Appeal, you should know that it must be signed by your child and his or her lawyer.

Experienced Legal Representation

Having aggressive representation in a situation such as this can be the difference between successfully having your child's charges handled or having your child burdened with the consequences for their rest of their life.

So don't wait! Even if you should have questions regarding dependency proceedings, juvenile law appeals or even sealing juvenile records, we at Cron, Israels & Stark are here to help!

As certified criminal law specialists with over 80 years of aggregate attorney experience, we have the experience necessary to handle the most complex of cases.

Our legal team is ready to provide you and your child a strong defense to fight the conviction and protect their future.

From crimes at school to juvenile sex crimes to even simple vandalism, you can trust that we will go the distance for you and your family.

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