What Does Sealing Your Juvenile Records Imply For Los Angeles?

A juvenile criminal record becomes a permanent part of your child’s file and is something that can follow them throughout their life and have a very negative impact. A juvenile record contains all the documents of any arrests, orders dictated by the juvenile court judge and any other papers concerning the case. This record is kept by the police or other designated law enforcement representatives in the State of California. Until it is sealed it can be accessed by various other agencies wanting information concerning your child. Therefore, by having the juvenile record sealed it allows the young person to be able to ‘get on with their life’ with a clean slate. The records will be closed and destroyed and treated as if they had never occurred. To assist you in the process contact a juvenile criminal attorney serving the area of Los Angeles. Our attorneys will prepare all the essential legal documents to represent you for your court appearance. Contact Cron, Israels & Stark for a free consultation today.

The Benefits To Sealing Juvenile Records

When attorneys from our firm are asked why a juvenile record should be sealed, we thoroughly discuss all the benefits to the family, or the young adult wanting this information. It has been shown that a juvenile record can have a very harmful affect on one’s future. The impact of a negative record includes:

  • Job opportunities and what would be available to you
  • Getting into a college of your choice
  • Applying for and receiving credit approvals
  • Difficulty in obtaining immigration status

For the assistance you need in sealing your juvenile records, our office has the staff and resources to accomplish this and find out if you are eligible.

Consult with an experienced law firm if you require help in sealing your juvenile records. Call Cron, Israels & Stark.