Appealing a Juvenile Crime Conviction

In the United States, prior to 1967 juveniles were not granted several of the legal rights or privileges given to adults when charged with a crime. A landmark case in 1967, In re Gault, changed all that forever, granting juveniles many of the same due process of law rights afforded to adults. Therefore, once a juvenile is convicted, there is a chance for them to appeal the decision using the proper court proceedings.

If your child has been convicted of a juvenile crime and is confused and frightened about their rights, they need to contact a juvenile crime defense lawyer in the Los Angeles area without delay. Your child has the right to submit an application to the Juvenile Court requesting a rehearing of his or her situation if it is done absolutely no later than 10 days after the written copy was mailed regarding the decision previously made. If this application is rejected by a judge, you still have the right to appeal. See related: Juvenile Court Sentencing Options.

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In appealing the findings of any court decision, you must clearly define what it is you want to occur. Do you want the entire decision thrown out, or are you just appealing a portion of it? With a Notice of Appeal, you should know that it must be signed by your child and his or her lawyer. The Law Firm of Cron, Israels & Stark has a long term successful record in handling and representing such cases. Our legal team is ready to provide you and your child a strong defense to fight the conviction and protect their future. Call our office today for a free consultation to discuss your case.

If your child needs reputable legal representation in handling an appeal, Contact Cron, Israels & Stark to provide the legal counsel you and your family deserve.