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Steve Cron's client was arrested and charged with carjacking. His client's parents hired Mr. Cron to represent him. Steve was advised that his client had recently been using a lot of drugs and had essentially gone off the deep end around the time of this offense.

We were able to document his drug usage through anecdotes from friends and family, text messages, and investigative interviews of all of the witnesses who acknowledged that he seemed a out of it.

Steve was ultimately able to convince the D.A. that Todd wasn't really intending to carjack the car, but was acting on a drug induced delusion. His client was allowed to plead guilty to the reduced charge of attempted auto theft, and was released from custody directly into a drug treatment program where he is doing well. Once he completes the 6-month live-in program he will be allowed to return to New Hampshire where his parents live, and his probation will be transferred to New Hampshire.

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