Los Angeles Medicare Fraud Attorney

Federal crimes such as Medicare fraud carry severe penalties. Under federal sentencing guidelines, if you are convicted of of the white collar crime of Medicare fraud, you could be facing thousands of dollars in fines and years in a federal prison.

The defendant may also be ordered to to pay restitution and placed on probation for many years. Federal prosecutor’s aggressively pursue a conviction in a Medicare fraud case.

Different Types of Medicare Fraud

Indictments for Medicare fraud can include over-billing, or billing for medical services or medical devices not provided or not needed in the first place. Normally, medical clinics and doctors are the most commonly charged in Medicare fraud  and health care fraud cases.

Medicare fraud occurs when healthcare providers submit false or padded bills to Medicare for payment and cost the federal government millions of dollars every year.

There can be many reasons for errors in Medicare billings, which were the result of intentional deception of the Medicare system. These can include clerical errors, inadequate billing supervision and also improper supervision on the treatment area. There have also been cases where the errors in the government documentation or processing itself.

The government has ramped up a task force to go people involved in any type of Medicare fraud. This can take many different types of  frauds — doctors or patients can be involved.

In basic terms, it deals with getting money from the government for health insurance in the form of Medicare and then using the money improperly.

There are a wide range of scams and the government is paying out millions of dollars related to Medicare fraud claims. If they have proof you are ising the money unlawfully, they will file criminal charges.

They will first start with their investigative body which is more of a bureaucracy. If they have reasonable belief some type criminal activity is occurring, the case will be moved to the criminal task force.

Once it’s moved to there, you can expect to be approached and interviewed. They are attempting to question you about why they believe you are involved in Medicare fraud. If you say something to incriminate yourself, you can expect that information to be used against you in prosecution of the case.

Challenge the Federal Medicare Fraud Allegations

Facing accusations of Medicare fraud can be devastating to your personal and professional life. Even if these charges are false, they can do irreparable harm to your name and reputation.

Therefore, If you are facing federal crime charges of Medicare fraud, contact a Los Angeles federal criminal defense attorney from our firm immediately.

Federal prosecutor’s must prove that the case involved a deliberate intention to deceive the government. Experience and knowledge of the various factors involved in a Medicare fraud case are critical in a strong defense.

Our Los Angeles fraud lawyers at Cron, Israels & Stark have been defending clients against federal criminal charges for decades.

We know how the government will attempt to build their case against you. We understand the complex nature of Medicare fraud cases and how best to defend you. If you are facing charges of Medicare fraud, contact a criminal lawyer from our firm immediately.