Are you facing federal Mortgage Fraud criminal charges?

The subject of mortgage fraud charges has been covered in the media for some time now. It has many aspects to it and is defined as a wide range of illegal/criminal acts in which the person deliberately or knowingly misrepresents himself or herself on a mortgage loan application. Mortgage fraud is a federal offense and can also be prosecuted as several different types of fraud, including wire fraud, bank fraud, mail fraud and money laundering, with severe penalties attached. The investigation can be lengthy and include examination of financial statements, job records, interviews and other personal information. If you are being investigated or charged with mortgage fraud it becomes necessary to contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who is adept at negotiating this type of investigation.

Choose aggressive defense for your federal case!

Being investigated by federal authorities is not something that one would do on their own without representation. The process can be long and drawn out and it can disrupt your life and ruin your reputation. A competent criminal defense lawyer at Cron, Israels & Stark can assess the circumstances surrounding your investigation in order to advise of the best course of action. If an investigation is not warranted, we will take assertive measures to have the investigation ceased or steered in another direction. This type of investigation also gets complicated by the fact that in addition to a federal investigation, states are also getting more involved in the process of investigating mortgage fraud.

Investigations involving mortgages are as complex as the real estate industry itself. It takes know-how, experience and savvy to negotiate the system and obtain a favorable outcome when dealing with a mortgage fraud investigation. We will take action and make maneuvers in order to protect your rights and help you to secure the most successful resolution possible. Being investigated for mortgage fraud can be an upsetting and complex set of circumstances. If you are being investigated for mortgage fraud contact Cron, Israels & Stark today.