Legal Defense for Lewd Conduct Crimes

Those acts considered as lewd and lascivious battery by the State of California are prosecuted severely by authorities. The age of the child involved and the age of the defendant(s) are key in cases involving lewd and lascivious battery:

  • A sexual act with another person who is under 18.
  • Any person, over the age of 21, who participates in a sexual act with another person who is under 16 years of age.
  • Any person who participates in a sexual act with another person who is under 14 years of age and who is more than 10 years younger than the minor.
  • When a sexual act is performed with a child less than 14 years old and the age difference of the defendant is greater than 7 years.

Some of the acts relating to lewd and lascivious battery (with a minor) include:

  • Penetration
  • Penetration with a foreign object
  • Sodomy
  • Oral copulation
  • Coerced sexual penetration
  • Aiding and abetting any lewd and lascivious acts with a minor
  • Any other act deemed lewd and lascivious by law

A closely related offense is oral copulation with a minor under California Penal Code 288a.

Enlist Skilled Representation in Los Angeles

If you have been charged with lewd and lascivious battery contact with a practiced criminal defense attorney is vital to the final results of your case. Any of the above acts are punishable as a felony and depending on their severity, bring huge fines and serious imprisonment as well as potential enhancements that increase penalties. We also defend clients facing charges of arranging a meeting with a minor for lewd purposes under California Penal Code Section 288.4

However, there are defenses that a criminal defense lawyer with Cron, Israels & Stark can pursue on your behalf. With our extensive background handling these types of cases, our firm will pursue obtaining the best possible outcome for your case.

Just because you have been accused of lewd and lascivious battery does not mean that you are guilty and that there might not be mitigating circumstances that the prosecution has overlooked. Get the help you need now to avoid an outcome that could be devastating to your future; contact our firm today to retain an experienced criminal lawyer for your case.