What is grand theft?

Grand theft, or grand larceny as it is also known, is the acquiring of a person or entity’s property by illegal means and without their consent. In order to be considered grand theft, the value of the property taken must be at least $400 or more. Depending on the circumstances, the person accused may be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor. Types of grand theft crimes include grand theft auto, shoplifting, or theft of weapons, in addition to others. The penalties for a grand theft conviction can be very serious, and can vary depending on the circumstances and the value of the property stolen. A felony conviction can be met with a punishment of a year in county jail, or 16 months in a state prison. These penalties can vary with the severity of the theft.

Contact a Grand Theft Attorney in Los Angeles

If you have been charged with grand theft crime, it is very important that you consult with a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney immediately, as it is a very serious matter. Grand theft charges require deft and experienced handling by a skilled defense lawyer who is intimately familiar with criminal law and who can negotiate with the court. There is a possibility if there is a conviction that alternatives to jail time can be sought, such as probation or counseling, so having a seasoned attorney representing your case may be your best chance to take advantage of those alternatives. Don’t risk a conviction that can affect the rest of your life, contact our caring and compassionate attorneys right away.