Charged with battery or aggravated battery?

To be charged with the crime of battery or aggravated battery in the State of California is not a matter to be taken lightly. It is viewed by the police, prosecutors and judges as a very serious offense. Thus if you are suspected or charged with a violent criminal offense, you must contact a Santa Monica criminal defense attorney as a conviction can result in penalties and punishment such as significant fines, years of incarceration, probation and more.

A violent crimes attorney at Cron, Israels & Stark understands that in many cases the details and facts involved in a case of battery or aggravated battery can become obscured due to domestic dispute or a bar room brawl. This then leads to the police and prosecutors making very wrong assumptions as to the guilt or innocence of the person charged. Because of this, innocent people have been convicted for a crime they did not commit. Your rights and freedom are at stake, so call our office today to set up an appointment. Your first visit is free so there is no reason to delay. The attorneys in our office are well known for aggressively fighting on your behalf to ensure justice is served.

The Importance of Experienced Defense in Los Angeles

Battery and aggravated battery results in damaging bodily harm to the person it is inflicted upon. However, a full investigation needs to be done to look at all circumstances involving the charge. It could have been due to a moment of recklessness on your part and without the intention of anyone getting hurt. Our legal staff has the resources you need when it comes to providing you personalized service to defend you against battery charges. Contact us to discuss your defense options!