Factual Innocence Motion in California – Penal Code 851.8

There are California criminal cases where the person arrested didn’t commit the crime.  In legal terms, this means they are factually innocent of illegal conduct and were falsely accused of committing a criminal offense. There have been cases when someone was falsely accused because of overly aggressive police tactics in... View Article

California Invasion of Privacy Laws

There have been many invasion of privacy cases in California that have received significant media attention. A lot of news outlets cover the event using private and graphic pictures that were posted on a social media platform without consent from either party involved. In some situations, criminal or civil action... View Article

California Self-Defense Laws

California’s self-defense laws allow you to protect yourself in certain situations. By law, you can’t be guilty of a violent crime that you may have committed in order to protect yourself, as long as the conduct was “reasonable under the circumstances.” This primary factor is often aggressively debated by defense... View Article

Pretrial Motion Practice in Los Angeles Criminal Cases

In California State criminal cases, pretrial motion practice is a crucial factor in an effective defense strategy. Clearly, any appropriate pretrial motions to be heard by the criminal court will always depend on the facts, circumstances, and allegations in the case. There are specific categories of motions often litigated in... View Article

Preliminary Hearings in Los Angeles Criminal Courts

In felony criminal cases in in Los Angeles County, you will have a guaranteed legal right to have a preliminary hearing. This is when the prosecutor must prove there is sufficient evidence supporting that you committed a crime. The primary function of a preliminary hearing is for the court to decide... View Article

Felon in Possession of a Firearm – California Penal Code 29800

It’s common knowledge the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution gives citizens the legal right to bear arms, but it’s possible to have you gun ownership rights forfeited. For example, California Penal Code 29800 makes it a crime for anyone who convicted of a felony offense, some misdemeanor offenses,... View Article