Plea Bargains in California Criminal Cases

Our Los Angeles criminal defense law firm is frequently asked by defendants whether they should accept a plea bargain that was offered by the prosecutor.  The correct response to this question is that it’s rarely a simple answer because it will always depend on a wide range of different factors.... View Article

Subpoenas in California Criminal Cases

In simple terms, a subpoena is a demand for someone to provide testimony in court. A prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer can issue a subpoena to someone to give testimony or demand they bring documents or some other type of evidence to court. Once you are charged with a crime,... View Article

Victim Restitution in California Criminal Cases

If you are convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense and the victim of your crime sustained some form of loss, the court will generally order you to pay restitution to the victim to recover those losses. Paying victim restitution will be a condition on your probation. Victim restitution is... View Article

Domestic Violence Penalties in California

Most people who have been accused of a domestic related crime have many questions about potential penalties they will face if convicted. Under California law, there are many types of charges related to domestic violence and subsequent penalties. Most cases are filed as a misdemeanor crimes and there are several that... View Article

Criminal Threats in Domestic Violence Cases in Los Angeles

Getting charged with a domestic violence related crime doesn’t always involve the use of physical force. Under California Penal Code 422, it’s a crime to make criminal threats against a victim and these frequently include a spouse, cohabitant, family member, or co-parent. Penal Code 422 prohibits making willful threats to... View Article

Misdemeanor vs Felony Domestic Violence Charges in Los Angeles

Under California law, domestic violence is generally defined as a physical assault against a current or former spouse, cohabitant, boyfriend, girlfriend, a person who has a child with victim, or another type of relationship described under the domestic violence statute. A domestic violence crime includes a physical assault, like pushing,... View Article

Factual Innocence Motion in California – Penal Code 851.8

There are California criminal cases where the person arrested didn’t commit the crime.  In legal terms, this means they are factually innocent of illegal conduct and were falsely accused of committing a criminal offense. There have been cases when someone was falsely accused because of overly aggressive police tactics in... View Article

California Invasion of Privacy Laws

There have been many invasion of privacy cases in California that have received significant media attention. A lot of news outlets cover the event using private and graphic pictures that were posted on a social media platform without consent from either party involved. In some situations, criminal or civil action... View Article