Arrested For DUI With Prior Convictions?

Being convicted of a DUI in the past is serious enough, but if you are arrested for a subsequent DUI occurring within 10 years of the prior conviction, you are facing severe penalties such as increased fines, license suspension or revocation and jail time. Authorities and prosecutors do not take repeat arrests for DUI lightly and it is essential that you obtain the services of a skilled DUI defense attorney to assist in your defense. See California DUI Penalties.

In handling multiple arrests for DUI, it is necessary to build a strong defense. If this is your 3rd offense, then you are facing felony charges and it is vital that a DUI defense lawyer with Cron, Israels & Stark get involved at the onset of the case in order to provide you with the best legal assistance possible. We will be aggressive in attempting to find the best way to keep you out of jail and avoid losing your job. Having repeat DUI convictions on your record can impact your future by affecting your employment opportunities, housing availability and insurance rates. Minimizing the adverse consequences of a repeat conviction for DUI is our utmost concern.

We will assertively review your previous arrests and convictions for potential violations of your rights, protocols that were not followed and areas of question that could be used towards the defense of your current case. The possibility of getting prior convictions lowered or dismissed may aid in your defense. We will also look for any alternatives that could lead toward your not being imprisoned and being able to retain your driver’s license.

Los Angeles Certified Criminal Specialist DUI Attorney

Our firm at Cron, Israels & Stark is backed up by 100 years of combined legal experience and two Certified Criminal Specialists. There are only 358 attorneys in the entire state that have this certification from the state bar. We will use our experience and know-how to help you build the best case possible and the get most favorable outcome achievable based on the circumstances.

Contact Cron, Israels & Stark if you have prior convictions and have been arrested for DUI immediately so that we can get an experienced attorney involved with your case at the onset of the investigation.