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In California, anyone driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) over .08% is violating drunk driving laws and can be arrested. Underage driver under 21 years of age can be arrested with a BAC of between .01% to .05%. Once you have been arrested, the officer will take your license and give you a temporary one that is only valid for 30 days.

You then have 10 days following your arrest to schedule a DMV Hearing to attempt to fight your license suspension. This hearing is vital to attend with a reputable DUI defense attorney, as it can not only prevent your license suspension, but provide vital information for your defense counsel from the arresting officer regarding your criminal charges. See related: California Driver Handbook – Alcohol and Drugs.

An Arraignment will follow your DMV Hearing, where evidence being used against you can be reviewed by your DUI lawyer, and any possible plea bargain or request for dismissal can be presented. If your case goes further than the arraignment, a jury trial will be scheduled.

Your attorney and the prosecutor will present all relevant information to the jury for their review. Your verdict will then be determined by the jury. If found innocent, your case is dismissed, if found guilty you will be sentenced.

The penalties for a DUI conviction can be significant, especially for a felony DUI case. Depending on your driving history and the amount of alcohol in your blood, your driver’s license could be suspended or revoked, heavy fines may be leveled against you, and you could be sentenced to jail.

At the law office of Cron Israels & Stark, our attorneys use various DUI defense strategies to work with the court in exploring alternatives to jail, heavy fines, and the loss of your license.

Finding ways to avoid jail and prevent further legal complications could allow you to keep your job or avoid losing your driver’s license. If you are an immigrant, conviction for a DUI could result in your deportation.

Don’t assume that pleading “guilty” will make a DUI go away. A DUI conviction will affect your insurance rates and criminal record for years to come. We can help you understand the best options available to you and hopefully avoid maximum penalties.

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Under California Penal Code 1203.3, a judge can grant early termination of probation, but it will only be granted If you can show the court “good cause.”

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