Evading Arrest Criminal Attorneys

Evading arrest under California Vehicle Code 2800.1 is the crime of attempting to get away from a police officer, such as in a car chase or running away from an officer who has stopped you for some reason. Being charged with this crime is a serious matter and requires an effective Los Angeles criminal defense attorney in order to bring a strong defense against the charges. Penalties for fleeing and eluding an officer can include conviction of a Class C Felony which can include jail time and suspension of your driver’s license.

Prosecutors must be able to prove certain factors existed beyond a reasonable doubt in order to convict for fleeing and eluding:

  • The officer gave a visual or audible signal to the person to stop the vehicle
  • The accused was driving recklessly while trying to elude a pursuing police officer
  • The officer attempting the stop was in uniform and was in a vehicle equipped with lights and sirens

There are many potential defenses to an evading arrest charge in Los Angeles. Did the police officer have his uniform on and was he in a marked vehicle? Were the sirens on during the pursuit? What speed was the person driving at that was considered “reckless”? Felony reckless evading is defined under Vehicle Code 2800.2 VC.

Protect Your Legal Rights

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