Obstruction of Justice Defense Attorney

Obstruction of justice is defined by any action that prevents or hinders the proper judicial process, the administration of the courts, law enforcement or correctional actions. This could be something as simple as a non-violent resist of arrest, or as severe as lying while acting as a witness. This also includes actions such as bribing or threatening a witness, judge, lawyer or law enforcement officer.

Other actions which can bring around the obstruction of justice charge are: interference of an investigation, picketing and using a megaphone in front of the courts without a permit, tampering or hiding evidence and lying while participating in an investigation. Actions that interfere or hinder the daily operations of any of the three branches of government can bring about an obstruction of justice charge.

Charged with obstruction of justice?

If you are being charged with obstruction of justice, it is important you contact us at Cron, Israels and Starks. Obstruction of justice can be filed as a misdemeanor or felony and you can face considerable jail time and fines, along with the permanent criminal record. The filing will depend on the severity of the crime committed. Regardless of what your actions were, it is important to have a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who understands this charge and can investigate and evaluate your specific situation to get the most lenient penalty charged or possibly even have the case dropped.

Enlist Skilled Advocacy for Your Case

There are many reasons why your actions may have been misconstrued as an obstruction of justice, when in fact you were just demonstrating your rights to free speech. At our firm we will seek all possible aspects of the case that can lead to exonerating you. Our legal team is committed to providing you the best legal defense possible and pursuing an outcome that will benefit you the most. Contact our firm today to discuss your charges and defense options.