Criminal Lawyer for Money Laundering Offenses

Money laundering is a very serious crime. It is defined as transferring money obtained from almost any criminal activity and then disguising the funds by using a legal or seemingly legal means to hide the source of the money. To fight this crime, it is vital to have a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who has experience and understanding of your legal rights and options. Due to such an increase of this type of offense in recent years, money laundering is a crime that is fiercely prosecuted because of the deception, and fraud involved. Stakes are high and the government will aggressively pursue a conviction.

Charged with money laundering?

If you are being charged with money laundering you need to contact a powerful and very knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who can develop a strategic approach to defend your legal rights. A money laundering charge can lead to up 20 years imprisonment, up to $500,000 or more in fines and seizure of your assets. To protect your freedom and your assets, It is vital to have a lawyer who can challenge a money laundering offense with experience. We have powerful resources and a team of attorneys with in-depth knowledge and understanding of state and federal laws related to money laundering.

Contact a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles

When facing a money laundering charge, we understand that you are under high levels of stress and have a growing concern about your future. You need to have a dedicated lawyer who understands your position and can help you through this difficult time. By having over 100 years of combined experience and intimate knowledge of working on cases such as yours, we can provide you with an effective and committed legal defense. Contact our office today for a free initial consultation.