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R.B. Recommends Steven M. Cron

I wanted to write you to tell you once again how grateful I am for your help. I know that I neglected to hold up to my end of the bargain three years ago. I called you unexpectedly and had no money, yet you still helped me. I have a great deal of respect for you because of that, but more so that you saw I was serious. Thank you for giving me that chance. I will make the most of it – I promise. I start my 3 month program tomorrow, plus A.A. meetings, YUCK! It could be worse, I could have gone to jail! Thank you for that option also. Within, oh, four months, I'll hopefully be a licensed driver! YES! I will call you soon in hopes I can take you to lunch/dinner, it would really feel good to do something for you. I'll be in touch. Thank you for everything!

– R.B.

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