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Yelp Client Review
I was facing 2 felony criminal drug charges, possible jail time and hundreds of hours of community service before I hired Mr. Cron. On top of that my career was on the line. If I would have been convicted I would've lost my professional license, been out of a job and would have had an EXTREMELY difficult time finding a job besides my degree's and extensive experience. When I first met with Steven, he didn't judge me and carefully reviewed every detail of the case against me and how it transpired. Steven always kept things realistic and told me that yes, it is VERY possible that I would be convicted but he would do his best to fight both charges. When our court date arrived Steven lived up to his promise and FOUGHT for me! He did whatever was in his power to get the best results including switching court rooms so we'd face new DA's and plead my case to them. Steven's experience and genuine care shine through out. He refused to accept the DA's offer that would have given me no jail time but would still keep me convicted of 2 felonies. Steven continued fighting , pleading my case poking as many holes as possible in the case till we finally got the results we wanted and Steven believed I deserved. Not only did I receive no jail time, I also go the more severe charge DISMISSED and the lesser charge of possession deferred and will be eventually dismissed. Words can't explain my thanks and gratitude for Stevens work and I can see how MANY lawyers would have given up at many points in my case where Steven kept fighting. To show my gratitude to Steven I am more then happy to speak individually to ANYONE that would like to hear more of how my case went down and wants more of a reason to hire Steven. I really thought I was going to lose everything and Steven won me a second chance. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

– Yelp Client

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